Bound (Kria, #2)

Bound - Megan Derr I am not going to go into editing issues much. Plenty of people have done it. Normally I don't mind an error/typo here and there, but in this case the amount of errors was massive.
The story was great and was worth 5 stars up until Aden and Reinhoel(? - how do you pronounce it? O.o) left the Eis (Ice) Fortress to join the rest of Kria's army. From that moment on it was too predictable, too easy, too, weirdly, angst free, maybe because even though there was indeed some tension, I knew it was bound to solve itself in Kria's favour no matter what. Last 60-70 pages was an agony to read. I skimmed through the most of them. 3 stars.
Final rating - 3.75 stars.


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