The Student Prince

The Student Prince - FayJay I am dropping this book at 40% in.

There is no plot in sight. Editorials and typos are plaguing the book. The story is dragging and I feel like I am caught in a never-ending fanfic nightmare. Is there a point to all of this lust-galore?

I have to constantly consult a chart on every Arthurian character there was, is or will be (considering all the potential offsprings with all the bunny-activities) and memorize their relationship to each other, lest I lose track of who's who and where and why and if there is any incest/cheating/rivals interaction *rolls eyes*

I am SO. DONE.

One star for the book being free, another half for the dragon. 1.5, which I am rounding (thank math) up to 2.


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