Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup - C.B. Conwy I think the book probably deserves more than three official stars, but I have just finished "A Russian Bear" and this to me is simply more and more and more and more - you get the picture? - of the same.
There is very little about MC outside of their BDSM relationship, only what's absolutely necessary to keep the scenes and hurt/comfort going.
Pages are peppered with "though" so much, that I couldn't get into smooth reading. The phrase "...the carpenter meticulously undressed, from shoes all the way down to and past his underwear" left me even more perplexed than "The discourse of linguistic re-conceptualizing of political structures" at least I got that one on the second try - lol
Anyway, soft teddy bears and a bit of repetition aside, - good story. 3.5 stars from me.


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