Love's Baggage

Love's Baggage - T.A. Chase I don't think I will continue with the series.

All three books are so different from each other, different speed, different dynamics, from too much sex in the first one to almost none in the third, new gay characters multiplying by the chapter which makes it seem like there will be no end to new pairings (and as a result no end to new volumes) cropping up left and right.

The third book is extremely slow, lots of driving, lots of talking and unnecessary puffing up every time someone lifts their eyes off the floor.
In the end, we have a change of power in one of the lycan tribes and a semi-rescue (Pavel is still missing). That's about it. All two chapters worth, stretched out to the length of a book.

I do like TA Chase, but this series has been a great disappointment to me.

1 star.


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