Soulless - T. Baggins Not sure what is left to say after Kynthos-the-Archer's Review.

All of the elements I love in a book are here. Although some characters seemed underdeveloped in the beginning, later on they do manage to come out and shine or show their true selves. I don't know if that was author's intent, but to me it was like opening a box within a box with a little surprise hidden away, I ended up enjoying it. The book is packed with action, plotting, murderous intentions, danger, cruelty and ...well - love, but not overly much so. Just the perfect amount :D

The book was also fascinating to me because at one point it morphed into sci-fi. This is not so-called "fantasy/sci-fi genre" that combines two distinctly different genres and usually ends up being one or another (unless you have unicorns piloting spaceships using fairy dust). This book managed to bring together perfectly a fantasy (as in paranormal activities and tarot cards) and real sci-fi (as in "Star Trek").

5 stars.

One other book, one other author comes to mind when I think about vampires' possible origin - Reifu Rising. I favour that theory, too. Therefore
6 stars from me :)


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