Broken Angel (House Phoenix, #1)

Broken Angel (House Phoenix, #1) - S.W. Vaughn 1. There is not a hint of m/m in this book whatsoever.
Ok, maybe there is a ghost of a hint, but it's abuse, not a true m/m relationship. On the bright side - there is only one female character with a very telling name Lillith, need I say more...

2. Lots of hurt, very little to no comfort.

3. Pronoun obsession. I got confused between different "he" quite a few times and had to reread whole paragraphs to figure out who did what to whom.

4. The ending is a bit predictable. Sorta-kinda spoiler: Everyone was conveniently popping up and everything falling right into place at the right time. HFN.

Overall - 4.5 stars, rounding up to 5.


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