Fun with Robert Edward

So.... Been asking myself (and my friends've been asking, too), why am I always that  person who has to turn everything sexual? Well, dang, I can't help it! I go to a store to buy kids some kind of a project, they pick up a POM-POM, but I am blind... and the font is funny... so from afar all I see is PORN-PORN, laughing my ass off and having a heart attack at the same - what the hell do they sell at BJ's? Ooops... my bad. Silly question. We are at BJ's.


This recent post by  Robert Edward ... I can't say it started innocently, after all, the post reads: 

"Pick up the nearest book to you, turn it to page 45. The first sentence explains your love life."


So, I stick my hand into the book case (two feet away from my computer desk) and pull out Ancient Mysteries by Peter James and Nick Thorpe. Page 45. New Chapter. The title is ****drums rolling**** **** ****


"Sins of Sodom"


What The Hell? I am asking you. What The Hell??? Especially considering all these m/m books I am reading lately.



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