Memo to self:


read - 1175

dnf - 9


GR seriously messed up my reviews, my ratings, my book count and shelves. "to read" is no longer an exclusive shelf in my library. Some shelves merged. Some books I don't recognized were added. I am totally lost :(


With BL not up to speed with free books, I have a discrepancy in my "read" items.



Leafmarks managed to transfer everything accurately, but I can' log into it on any browser on any available to me computer. 


(minus books that magically appeared on my shelves, so far.

my account being M/M only)


- Jungle book  

- Modern Oxford Tales 


Currently reading

Best Kept Lies
Helena Maeve
W.A. Hoffman
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The Virtu
Sarah Monette
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Orochi no Kishi
Itoshi, Lehanan Aida
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