The Adorned by John Tristan

The Adorned - John Tristan

Possible spoilers.

There isn't much going on for the the first 60 or so percent. Not much of m/m romance, not much sex (save for the tiniest scene of 3-4 paragraphs), not much angst, love, hate or any kind of feeling for that matter. It's mostly every day life of a tattoo master, his servants and his living art pieces, the outings, feasts, bit of politics mixed in. 

However, it was a fascinating tale, unusual, beautiful, exotic, almost hypnotizing. Until the last 25% kicked in. And that's where it turned truly ugly. Sure, that's real life for you. You have overindulging elite and poor, starving masses. Want to guess the ending?

Somehow, this fascinating fairy-tale fantasy slash French revolution did not impress me. A star and a half off, but have no choice but to round it up to four, the book doesn't deserve 3 stars rounded down.


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