Thinking out loud and mostly to herself.

I am tempted to quit both GR and BL or any other place, where I so carelessly left my personal information during the years.


The ugliness is brewing and it gets even uglier and uglier. Parts of it are spilling over, mudding BL with nasty comments (not going to provide pics or links, enough of those are floating around without my help).


I never trusted Amazon ratings. I've stopped trusting GR ratings long time ago, too.


When considering a book or a new author, the first things I check are the ratings and the reviews left by my friends or people I know and talk to often and whose preferences I know well.


Wouldn't it be perfect to see ratings left by my friends only (I would still like to see other people's reviews, though) ? That way I will know for sure that no one messed with a book just to spite a single author or the universe in general. 


I spent a lot of time building my friends list. Not everyone rates books the same, so there is still variety of opinions, but I trust them and I can rely on their ratings. 


That's my perfect universe. 




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