Admit One - Jenna Hilary Sinclair I am 50% in and I must to stop reading for the reasons of sanity.

There is no plot, the story simply goes from one date to another. There is a lot of whining and hinting at some gay bashing incident that we are yet to be let on. Tom is perpetually scared and miserable, hiding the fact that he is gay from everyone for the past 16 years. Well, dang... Don't like Texas? There are other states, don't ya know? All 49 of them. Plus the rest of the world. Trust me, I have US map in front of me (just making sure and double checking for Tom-the-teacher).

I feel claustrophobic stuck inside Tom's head - he doesn't let the reader out much, making sure we don't miss a single complaint. He is miserable and we must be too.

There is a lot of mentioning how good and helpful people of a certain town in Texas are, yet there is also mentioning on how eager they will be to do you harm if they knew you were gay. What a cheerful, helpful and caring bunch! Yeah...

Production of "Rent" is another story. Just stick your whole head in the hornet's nest. Honestly *rolls eyes*

I also need to mention that the writing itself is great. Well written and well edited. I might give this author another try.

Not sure how to rate what I have read so far.


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