Tatterdemalion (Foundations of Magic, #1) - Anah Crow,  Dianne Fox I don't know what happened here. I read both Slow Bloom and Uneven and in comparison to them this is an utter chaos.
It has all of the elements of a potentially great story, but there are lot of things missing (like two prequels, for example) and there are a lot of things that do not need to be in the book at all.

Some of the "WTH" moments:
Flight from Germany to NY 10 hours? Via where - Iceland? and on what - Harry's broomstick? Direct flight from Moscow to JFK in NY is 8 hours.
Powerful ancient spell that Ezqel cast on Jonas? Lasted the whole day and a half. Powerful and terrible indeed.
Dane kept carrying Lindsay around non stop. Was there something wrong with the boy's legs?
Throw in a sentence like "He’d been given them the entire time at the Institute..." to rip you out of the story and I hope you get the picture (though I can illustrate some more).

I love Anah Crow's books and I was looking forward to this one. Many things in this book appealed to me: a big bad alpha male with a gentle side, a poor little mansel in distress, shifters, ancient magic and even demented nurse Mildred Ratched ...er ...Dr. Moore (lo-o-oved the evilness!). But somehow I feel cheated and disappointed. 3.5 stars. Rounding down to 3.

I will definitely get the second book - I am very curious to hear what the "other" side has to say. Maybe if things are explained and more is revealed I won't be against of bumping this particular rating to 4 stars.


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