Lies of Omission - Michele L. Montgomery Everything feels wrong in this books to me: from friends who cause near lethal accidents in order to adjust someone's married life to their standards, to the dom who wouldn't offer a reassuring touch (not to mention an embrace) after reconciling with his lover who, by the way just cried "red" during a scene. Instead the dom throws his lover, already emotionally unstable, into an intense scene, pushing every single button of the new sub that there is to push.
No, seriously. It's OK for the doms to lie, but not OK for the sub not being entirely open about things he himself might not very well understand???
I am tempted to give the book one star, but the fact is I did like the first part of it. Up until Trenton (the sub) found himself kidnapped by a "well meaning friend" and forced to submit.
Just decided to give into temptation.
One star.


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