Finding a Dream (Conquest, #4) - S.J. Frost So..... I am not sure what had happened here.
Let's see. There is a bullied high school gay kid.
There is a local celebrity and his gay martial arts partner.
There is one and only kid's straight goth friend.
Gay kid gets roughed up.
Friend and gay sensei and gay celebrity come to the rescue.
Friend and gay sensei and gay celebrity and international gay rock-star celebrity come to "even more" rescue.
Gay celebrity invites more gay friends.
Is it trying to be a YA book? Is it trying to help teenage boys? What IS the purpose of the book? 'Cause in most of the cases your plain ordinary kids do not have anyone, including their parents, to come to their rescue, forget the celebrities.
Wish I had a "fairy tale" category, which I do not. I'm filing it under "rainbows and lollipops" for the lack of better options.
2 stars.


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