Sword of the King - Megan Derr Damn you, GR, cause you just lost my whole entire review!!! Arghhh! *shakes fists in the air*

Anyway, I was saying how cute and adorable the dragons were =)

Too bad there wasn't much Cam in the story, even though he was the main reason behind the sticky and messy situation. On the whole I am a touch disappointed because of that... and poor editing ...and messed up names - Blaze who on occasion or two turned Blake or Ken and Rafael who turned Raphael the same amount of times ...smother the whole thing with whipped cream 348 appearances of the F word - straight up and variations (yeah, I did my research cause it was really getting to me at one point) - and voila! 2 bright and shiny stars!

However, I loved the story itself, I loved the dragons, I love Megan Derr's imagination. I am willingly closing my eyes to the very poor editing and some lapses and giving the book 4 stars.


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