A Life Apart - Roger Kean So sorry about not writing a review right away!... Or maybe not *snicker* I had to revisit the book and reread a few chapters and that was a true and real pleasure :)

I am not going to repeat the description, there is one by the author and many by the readers. The only thing I want to mention is that the boys were a little younger than I expected but that was perfectly fine, given the time period and circumstances.

Late 19th century is not my favorite, but I love history and this book is a true gem. I certainly learned a few things and had to refresh my memory several times, but it only benefitted my reading and comprehension of the events without distracting from the story.

The language is amazing, a little bit on the old-fashioned side adding to the already palpable atmosphere.

Roger, can't thank you enough for giving the book away for free =)

Definitely a favourite of mine :)

PS Amazing artwork! Do visit the Oliver Frey's site: http://www.oliverfreyart.com/


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