Omega Academy (Project Alpha/Omega #1)

Omega Academy (Project Alpha/Omega #1) - Jules Finley TAGS: GFY, mpreg last 5%.

I really enjoyed first 50% of the book, thinking giving it at least 4 stars.

However, after Bryce's bathroom window incident it started going downhill. Too much info dumping (pre-war, pre-academy life, constantly whining about wanting to die, then changing mind...) and too lovey-dovey bordering saccharine in the very end.

Jackson never made an impression on me as a big bad alpha. Omega Oliver had more guts, will and drive than him.

A few nice surprises in the second part of the book and one more closer to the end.
3.25 stars. Rounding down to 3 on GR and up to 3.5 on Booklikes.


Dr. Reed -ha-ha, that name, different spelling but still, I could not help it! =)



Monica, thank you for the rec. All in all, it was a very fun read :)


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