Clockwork Heart

Clockwork Heart - Heidi Cullinan I tried, I really really tried :/

I made it to 60% (barely) and it was either me or the book. Guess who had to go.

Originally I gave this book 1.75 stars. Let me correct that. Book, you're demoted. 1 star. I was bored to tears by the pity fest and the long lists of who did what and where and only sometimes how they felt while doing it.

A warning: brush up on your French and German before you read this book.

I dislike the use of foreign languages without translation immensely, no matter if I know the language or not. It's disruptive and annoying. Worse, if the author gets the foreign language wrong.

But I get it, Johann is Austrian, he is a foreign element in this book, so sure, it's OK for him to speak German.

Conny, tho? WTF? He is French. We know he speaks French even if it's written in English, cause - obvious reasons. So why does he keep switching from his (English) French and to (French) French within one paragraph? Oh, I know why - to annoy the crap out of us :(


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