The Druid Next Door

The Druid Next Door - E.J.   Russell 2.5 Reasons later.


- Mal, who is an established character (see book 1), does an uncomfortable 180° personality flip topped with an insta hate-to-love somersault. Yeah, I felt dizzy, too.

- Bryce. A new character who starts as geeky and shy and adorable, but turns into insufferable control freak, when he decides that Mal should not lie to him. like EVAH. Excuse me? Mal has had a long life, not to mention he is literally not of this world. I think he is eligible for a secret or two, plus a few that are not his own. MCs have only known each other for a couple of days before Bryce turns into a manipulative, truth-demanding bastard. What the hell? Bryce does not appeal to me at all. Hope he falls off his high horse and breaks something sensitive. Twice.

- Steve. Also a secretive, manipulative bastard, but on a new whole level. I loved Steve.

- Cassie. A meddling, inconsiderate witch. Someone needs to take her down a notch.

I did love the world. Will read book 3.


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