Impact Ripples

Impact Ripples - Claire  Davis, Al  Stewart This books is very confusing to me.

I don't know why the story needed Osar and Jake/John, because all happened in its due course and David was ready when he was ready and didn't need much help with it (except for the boys dragging him into the waves).

David was 6 when he first met Gul. That makes him 36 at the time of the second part of the story. Am I wrong? Did I miss something? No? Yes? If I am right, then why is he "middle-aged"? O.o

The language in the first part was off. I don't know if it's me, but it seemed a bit out of focus. How do you "eat tea"? And later, just when I thought David was too far into the ocean because (not exact quote) "can't breath. waves closing above his head", the author would inform me that David was in the water up to his knees... waist... chest... and so I kept going back in forth, afraid that something was amiss.

The sand-eating-and-counting part was plain trippy. I was getting worried for everyone involved, imaginary or not.

There is more: what Kira said.

So how did I get to 4 stars (which is mostly for the first part)? I have no frigging clue. It's a mystery, yet here I am: final score - 4 stars.


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