His Sweet Prince

His Sweet Prince - Jae T. Jaggart Badly written, to the point that it's not always clear what is going on in this book. Overwhelming amount of descriptions strung tightly together made some (scratch that, more like A LOT) of the sentences unreadable.

"A young man with a velvety buzz cut of golden-red hair and wide set, hazel eyes, wearing a ratty vintage Joy Division T. Tight black jeans. Slick Cuban heeled black boots. That necessary, killer overcoat."

"'Tough little Scarlet,' he taunted in that deeply accented, erotically rough drawl, green eyes pinning his wide set, darkening hazel ones, only to drop to his lush mouth. “Vicious little Scarlet,” he guessed right, in that low, rough voice."

See what I mean? *sigh* And those are not half as bad as others, but I refuse to waste my time on more.

Constant reminder of "green eyes", "hazel eyes", "six foot six inches tall" is an overkill. No, really. I got the eye color and the height after the first time. Zero reason to repeat it in every other paragraph. I promise. Honestly. It's seared in my brain. ugh....

Somehow only after 5 or 6 hours, most of which Grisha spent unconscious, plus a meager handful of words exchanged by the two MCs, Grisha is willing to take a bullet for Scarlet. Of course, Grisha knows Scarlet is here to kill him, not screw him through the mattress, but he's noble that way... No, it's not a spoiler, it's right there in the first chapter.

Then there is Russian/Ukrainian disaster. Maybe it's a typo, maybe it's poor editing, but maybe it's "i don't give crap" approach. In any case, we have Russian and Ukrainian volunteers to proof-read and set you straight. Why not use one? A question of the century, that is.

Then, there is the series name. Something to do with the vampires. 16% in there is not a vampire in site, BUT most importantly, the two MCs are not vampires, so what the hell? Way to mislead the readers.

All of the above is just a fraction of the problems I encountered in the meager 16%. But the major one is in the very end. So many readers complain about the ending. I am glad I did not finish the book, otherwise the rating would be firmly in the negative star system.


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