Angel Reverse

Angel Reverse - Tricia Owens DNFing at 60%. Can’t stand this silliness anymore. About time, tho, someone (thank you, Hunter) got a firm hold of Finn and set him on a straight (no pun) and narrow; the boy is all over the place, has no idea what is right and what is wrong. Let the dark side show him what’s what if the angels can’t take care of their own.

BTW, The book is not dark, it’s inconsistent and messy.

Little to none about the murder investigation. There is no romance either, and with Finn constantly forcing himself onto John I think the detective should be crying “rape” every time the angel shows up and beg the law enforcement for the restraining order, not just passively hang in there for all the incoming crap, but whatevers. They are both ...weird to put it mildly. Not my cup of tea.

1 star.


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