Who We Truly Are

Who We Truly Are - Victoria Sue I am disappointed in this installment. For one, I think a government agency will have more control over their own operations. It seems here Finn is constantly doing what he thinks he needs to do, without coordinating with the team first.

Another thing that bothered me is more of the same old same old. Finn is childish and impulsive, he keeps getting in trouble, endangering the whole team in the process. Talon is guilt ridden ...again. Which is also not so great for the team work and their missions.

Speaking of the team. It keeps getting disbanded. And back on track. And disbanded again. And so on and on and on.

Editing. *sigh* I had to re-read some sentences and paragraphs. At times I had no clue what was going on. I am sure VS had a clear picture in her mind, but transferring it onto paper/Word was definitely a struggle.

I am tempted to give this book one star, seeing how I almost DNF-ed and found the most "dangerous" situation in the book ridiculous enough that I caught myself laughing out loud, but what the hell - 2 stars.


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