Cosmic Inception

Cosmic Inception - Alicia Nordwell DNF-ing at 85%. My brain can’t take it anymore:/

This book is a spaghetti code disaster. Information is repeated over and over again; characters do as the author wants, unnaturally bending this way and that and tying themselves into knots. Cheese, while fine being used sporadically, smothers the rest of the story and adds to the already bad taste.

There is no chemistry between the MCs, only sex and some mysterious mate bond the author is pushing, but even sex is gone after about 30% or so. Nick is supposed to be a damaged character, a vulnerable but brave young man. Well, what a whiny, bitchy and overly horny little know-it-all he turned out to be. Can’t connect to either MC.

The editing is horrendous, ie same words are repeated several times within a paragraph or even one sentence. There were also instances where I wondered if the author is actually not a native speaker.

Bottom line, I don’t care for these characters, I don’t care for this book or series, and I don’t care for this author anymore.

1 skinny itsy bitsy star.

Have to give it to the artist tho, the cover is delicious.


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