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Eternal Samurai - B.D. Heywood

I don't understand the purpose of (over)using Japanese in this book. We know that Tatsu is half Japanese and grew up in Japan. We also know that he lived in the States since the age of 12. The story unfolds in The States, where everyone speaks English.Tatsu, being a bright kid the author claims him to be, knows the difference between Japanese and Americans and which language they speak. So - why? *scratches head* 


Bouncing POV. Literally everyone in this story, who had been mentioned in at least a couple of paragraphs, has their own POV. Prepare for 3 or 4 different ones on the same page.


Editing. You don't even need a native English speakerto proof-read. There is Word and numerous apps to catch your punctuation and grammar mishaps along with typos and other silly things. To be fair, I make all kinds of mistakes, however I don't publish and don't charge people money for my reviews and comments :p


Length. I wish the book was a little bit more compact, I am afraid I will DNF, the way it drags on :(



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