Borrowing Blue (Made Marian #1) by Lucy Lennox

Borrowing Blue: A Made Marian Novel - Lucy  Lennox

I loved - loved - the way the book started.

An offer of a pretend relationship, a quick (but lingering) kiss from a straight stranger, sadness, laughter, hurt, comfort, giggles, a promise of a revenge. It was fun.

But somehow along the way the book turned into a sex scenes marathon and a parade of cheating characters. Married and singles alike (except for the MCs, of course) slept around like no one's business, tho to be fair, always off pages. Brides and grooms alike were abandoned at the altar left and right. Left and right.

- I don't mind cheating characters, but this was way over the top :/
- GFY. A warning: do not dive in thinking it's the theme of this book. Tristan's sexuality and his past are complicated.
- Instalove. I didn't mind it here either. Two people, no strings attached, having fun and falling for each other head over heels in less than a week. Been there. Happens.

So, skipping all the sex and the cheating pandemic, this books is a pretty decent read: 4.25 stars.

Taking into account all the sex and the cheating pandemic, this book was overwhelming: 3 stars.

PS All of you who enjoy sex scenes, please, disregard my rating.


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