Unexpected Demands by Kaje Harper

Unexpected Demands - Kaje Harper

I am honestly not holding the following faux pas against the author:   ;)


I am very happy with this series so far. Except maybe being stuck in Aaron's head a bit too much, but hey, if it brings me to this, who am I to complain:

"He lay sprawled face-down on the sheets, blankets kicked off down by his feet. He had pulled off his T-shirt and jeans, but still a light sweat slicked his skin again. He shifted restlessly, and looked over at me in the doorway..."

"He lay there blinking up at me, his eyes heavy with sleep. His hair was a tousled black halo around his head on the white pillow. He slept nude."

Imagine that baby kitteh puppy, only nude =)`

Some time later:

"I spun Zach in my arms and shoved him against the wall by the stairs. The sweatpants he slept in slid down easily and he was bare to my hands. For a moment I lost myself in the glorious curve of his ass under my fingers."

But then, but then!!!! Just brace yourself here... Put away all your beverages, hot or cold. Because - displaced modifiers! *rolls eyes*

"Reaching around, the unexpected size of him filled my hands."

And there it was, the gif I pinned not a day ago, popping up in my head:


(show spoiler)

Йаду мне, йаду!!! I mean Bleach for my brainz, bleach for muh brainzzz!


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