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Prickly Business - Piper Vaughn, Kenzie Cade



OK, I am mad and very disappointed in this story. I was hoping for a shifter fling, a-hole parents, biological differences, one guy being a hedgehog, the other - a wolf, a few misunderstandings and then some fluff with all times favorite happy make up sex. A comfort read.
There was all that cuteness in the beginning, Avery beng prickly and adorable, Dylan - a possessive were. But then the shifter story dissolved into an average, blah "mystery", that might as well have not been about shifters at all... like AT. ALL!
And so we have a cute little prickly snobby rich boy taking on a human trafficking ring. He just had to spite his mate and prove that he, the hedgehog, can be big and scary. Compensating for something, obviously. He also must have hit his head somewhere, maybe while floating in that tub, or his hedgehog brain forgot to shift to normal size, I don't know.

There is simply too much stuff in this book, beginning with too. many. goddamn. words. Read every fourth paragraph and you'll be fine, believe me.


Did I mention it's disappointing?


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