Reawakening (Reawakening #1) by Amy Rae Durreson (

Reawakening - Amy Rae Durreson

The book started so well, with dragons and desert spirits and old lore; it promised a grand adventure.

The Dragon King wakes from his slumber and sets out on a quest. We learn ancient history of this world. We travel to remnants of the ancient kingdom.
We meet new characters as Dragon King joins a caravan to cross into a desert. We stumble upon a victim of a vicious attack - Gard, the desert spirit, who is now under complete control of the evil Shadow.

But then?
Oh, when all else fails, call for zombies and endless running in the desert.
Sex is plentiful but awkward.
Zombies are everywhere.

Dragon King won't quit speaking Yoda.
More desert and sandstorms,

more zombies, as we lose characters from the beginning of the book to author's forgetfulness(?).
Why some of the dead turn zombies and some (like Enis) don't?
Predictable villains. Very predictable villains. Yes, you know who you are, little witch!
Out of all the characters so vividly introduced in the beginning of the book, only a handful (if even) stays with us through the very end.
Where is Sethan (I was SO into him!)

And will Gard ever shut his venomous mouth, there is a war going on around, after all.

*Checked with Julio's review about sex bits. The whatever sex I gave up reading is still awkward according to him. Go me! I skipped a lot, made the book so much more compact :D


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