Broken Prince and Mismatched Eyes by Layla Dorine

Broken Prince, Mismatched Eyes (The Mauritanian Saga Book 1) - Layla Dorine

This is the case where you try not to judge a book by its cover.
For one thing, it surely is much prettier than the story.
Another, Rhys, the blond with scary anger issues, looks seriously pregnant. Explains his mood swings, right? ;) But - no, this is not mpreg and the guy is hiding something else in his shirt. Lube? Candy? Booze? Who knows.

Please, do yourself a favor before buying this book and read an excerpt on ARe.

It goes pretty much like this:
A father wakes up his son in the morning to info-dump their family history - sorry, kid, your are a bastard child; their financial situation - sorry, kid, your grandpa had gambling problems; and the business dealings - sorry, kid, I married that bitch (she made Caden miserable for 20 years) for money to keep our trade afloat, and so you can live comfortably (NOT!), and oh, by the way, you are getting married in a couple of hours, your husband is already here.

What does the son say?

“I have never disobeyed you father,” Caden’s soft voice whispered in his ear. “I will marry the prince and do my best not to shame you.”

Darn, me ? I would be looking for some serious caffeine fix and a cold shower to wake up to make sure it's not a dream. Ok, so - that bitch, who tried to murder me as a child, is not my mother, phew! Grandpapa was a gambler? He lost our family money? Now who's the bastard? And - wait! I am getting married?

"OK, father. Your screwed me royally, but I will marry the prince, because I don't want to shame you."



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