Broken Prince: I've read 50%.

Broken Prince, Mismatched Eyes (The Mauritanian Saga Book 1) - Layla Dorine

Caden and Rhys are having a tantrum, a thing of beauty, btw, 4-year olds would be green with envy.


"Don't you run into the fire again saving children, you stupid schmuck!"
"Screw you, I go where I want, you frigging control freak!"


While the two throw insults at each other, Nigel is standing between them, calmly explaining what the insults actually mean: "I love you!" "I didn't know you care!" "I will die without you!" "Owww.... my love, my love!" 


googly eyes, googly eyes, tears, snot, dogs, googly eyes, dogs, father-in-law, tears

I am glad at least someone is willing to translate. The princes are obviously clueless... they are emotionally immature and they are lacking in their vocabulary, seeing how it's very heavy on the profanities side.


And then of course they cry. They all cry together. Even the King, who had to pop in, just in case someone abuses his baby Rhys, and to scare the rest of Caden's poop out of the boy. Just.... CRAP! :/


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