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Broken Prince, Mismatched Eyes (The Mauritanian Saga Book 1) - Layla Dorine

Well, pages fly when one has great times.

Yes, I embraced this.... this.... epub file.


I am now a big fan of Mr. Cinderfella's (Caden) adventures. The unhappy couple safely landed on the island of Mauritania (btw, it's a real country and it confuses the hell out me, so I am calling it Land of Ass, because that's where Mr. Asshole came from). The boy now whispers to horses, charms everyone in close proximity and saves children from burning houses, while in the middle of a royal picnic. He is apparently an asshole-whisperer, too .... (funny, the way it came out, but it's true!) because in a matter of a few hours Mr. Beast-Asshole turned into Mr. Soft-n-Mushy.


What is next? I eagerly await for yet another adventure from the Land of Ass!


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