Bright Water, Dark Sky (Love's Landscapes) by Augusta Li

Bright Water, Dark Sky - Augusta Li

I am rating the first 40% only.

Couldn't take any more of this dry toast, it reads like a combination of a science text book, Yoda (tho not as colorful) and Leo Tolstoy (however hislong sentences are much easier to follow).

As for romance? So far: two creatures from different worlds, a human named Sora, and a merpus? man'o'pus? - what do you call a merman with tentacles instead of a tail? - meet on an alien beach for half an hour or so. They spend time building up a vocabulary by pointing at random things. After running out of things to point at, they get busy with some light groping, that is until Sora's CO suddenly screams "break!" from his wrist computer and in a 5 minute time comes over to scoop up her human, and ....and that's the end of that adventure.
Now Sora is back home, waiting to be court martialed for breaking a scooter against a 9-meter ocean wave and almost dying from a hostile alien weather. But in the meantime, while waiting that is, he is visiting seedy establishments and pining after his alien merpus.
At the same time, I hear, there is some very evil plan is in progress, especially evil because of the vicious verbal gay-bashing ...since plain evil doesn't seem to quite cut it. And that, ladies and gents, is where I almost threw my very brand new iPad into the wall. The End


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