How To Be A Normal Person

How To Be a Normal Person - T.J. Klune
I really hate doing this. I am DNF-ing at 30%.

Thank you, Kira, for giving me courage to come out. Here we go: TJ Klune, unfortunately, is not for me. His writing style simply does not agree with me.

One other issue.
Although there are funny bits in this book, it leaves me horrified.

Gus, obviously, has issues, where "socially awkward" just doesn't cut it. It sounds more like he has "...significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests." Which is a disorder. Nothing to be laughed at. The way Gus is treated, makes me want to scream. I hate the witches ...I mean the Queens, I despise Lottie, who push and mock and do things to spite, but strangely, I think Casey is actually pretty good for Gus. Or at least he's stoned enough most of the time not to be like any other jerk.

There was a couple of ha-ha's moments, but really? - not funny :(


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