In Despair (Princes of the Blood #3) by Megan Derr

In Despair - Megan Derr

This particular order of the series didn't work for me, unfortunately. I wish I read it backwards.


These are just my feels. They are so strong that I have an urge to spill them for all to see:

The two teenage boys, the MCs, Korin, 15 and Telme, 16, cried through the entire book until the very end where they are what ...40+? I almost had a breakdown myself just out of the sheer frustration, and boy was I mad when my kids stole the last 10 sheets of paper out of my printer! My evil plan had failed :(

But if you don't mind the teenage drama and buckets of tears, this book might be OK for you.
I would have easily given it 4 stars, but I am sorry, I just can't :/ 3 stars, but I will up it to 3.5 on Leafmarks and Booklikes.


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