The Book Of Daniel (St. Nacho's, #4) by Z.A. Maxfield

The Book Of Daniel - Z.A. Maxfield

Unfortunately, this is a three star read for me.
Everyone and their cousin was eye-deep in Daniel's business. That attitude constantly grated on my nerves and spoiled most of the book.
There are only three people that I liked: Daniel, Cam and Jordan. In the end - Bree, she really came through for Dan. The rest, even Jake, I really didn't care much for. Haters hated, the rest assumed, judged, nagged, stalked or practiced hissy fits. If I were Dan I wouldn't want to live in that meddling swarm of righteous pricks of St. Nachos either.
I am adding "abuse" tag mostly because of the "good" people of St. Nachos, not the abusive parent.
Jake and Dan's half sister didn't make much sense either. Why was she seeking out Dan? It didn't seem like she wanted anything from him financially, emotionally or otherwise. She showed up, muddied up the waters and left. WTF?

PS I am not going into the fact that story itself felt disjointed, especially towards the end. Other reviews mentioned it plenty.


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