Spiretown by Lia Black

Spiretown - Lia Black

The rating is entirely me. There are plenty of people awarding this book with 5 stars, so it must be me.


My major pet peeves: 

I do not like horror and I do not like books that rotate solely around one or two characters, unless those characters are marooned or isolated from the rest of the world and society against their will (nods to Robinson Crusoe and The Broker).


This is a character driven book, and though MCs are pretty entertaining by themselves, they live in a bubble. There are some people momentarily poking in and out, but only to conveniently manipulate prompt the boys and the plot along and add to the character development. However they hold no substance and are eerie at best; they are in the book for the author's convenience. Imho.


Urban Fantasy is not a proper tag, it's more like a "guestroom" or a "kitchen" fantasy, considering that most of the action takes place inside Collin's house and there are maybe 2 extra characters that somehow matter and live outside of Collin's house. 


I guess the question of segregation and discrimination that this book brings up should be a good cause for an extra star, but I don't think I can muster energy to do it. The book drained me.


2.5 stars.


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