Horror in my books

I think I have serious a problem with horror, in movies and in books. I get Bored.


Sure, the "jump the viewer" element works on screen without fail, but the trick is cheap and it only takes you so far.


In the books, where there is no such thing, it simply drags for me. If there is a suspense, it surely kills me... slowly... with boredom. I fall asleep without a problem while reading The King of Horror and I am not afraid to close a shower curtain, either.


Don't get me wrong, I am fascinated by Mr. King and he is one of my favorite celebrities. I wish I could read his books, but - alas! - I can't :(


The only horror movie I can stand is "American Werewolf in London" and only because to me it's more about werewolves, since I don't care for all those dead people. 


BTW,  stumbled across a few facts, if you are interested: 10 Things to Know About King of Horror 


This book I am reading right now, "Spiretown" was going pretty well for me. But at 40% it hit a nightmare/horror and here I am musing if someone can actually die of boredom. 


Science Shows You Can Die of Boredom, Literally



Now I must go and wrestle the book... *sigh*


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