Lord Mouse by Mason Thomas

Lord Mouse - Thomas Mason

Minor spoilers. The title suggests the ending, so I don't feel guilty revealing  it.


A very VERY good story. The whole thing is my poison: the bromance, the prisoner, the escape, the adventure, all of it.


However, I am not sure what it is about the last 20% of the book. The edtining? *... er, crap... instead of EDITING auto-correct suggests EDGING? Fun times :D*


Anyway... editing. Someone was not paying attention, for sure. There were a couple of places where I thought I somehow lost the current page and had to scroll back. Nope it was just almost the same sentence, word for word.


The worst part, tho, was the end of the story itself. When all went to shits and The Darth Vader of the book cried out "Luke, I am ur Fader" The Duke told his son (not in these particular words, but close) "Garron, I want you dead!" while swinging his sword, I still knew it was going to end up in a Happily-Fireworks-Ever-After.


Even then I was hoping for something like "Lord Mouse, The Royal Consort, The Bad Ass Black Guard Master *ninja emoticons* x 5" or some such, you know? A title for someone who is still active and adventurous and dangerous and dark and snarky and Watch-Out-or-Else! But, unfortunately, it did end up just as Mouse predicted. The Royal Concubine Consort :( And Mouse was suddenly content with that.





A star off for that.
And the editing.
But otherwise, the 80% - LOVED it.



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