Electric Blue & Catnip by Suilan Lee (40% in)

Electric Blue & Catnip - Suilan Lee

The book is free, so I should not be complaining about editing, but it's in my face on almost every single page, and I don't mean just typos: there is a nice juicy collection of misplaced modifiers. Punctuation is in the gutter, too.




Lily is a controlling bitch harpie and a busy body.
Alexi so far comes off as a whiny stalker. He is absent for months, yet he demands commitment from Adrian *eye roll*"




I don't get this credit card problem. You lose the card, you call their CS, you report it stolen, you close the account. Takes 15 minutes.

Why is the account still open 2 days after Alexi lost it? Why can't the "private" accountant call Alexi and straighten things right away? Why Alexi's mother and her possy need a lawyer for this before they even know what kind of damage was done? Why doesn't a busy body like Lily know what was spent two. days. in? I thought she was smart and had her nose and claws in everywhere.  


And what's with Josh's kiss out of the blue? Creep




"Two days off," Joshua filed the tit bit away."
Funniest typo, especially in an m/m book :D

This book needs a beta. Desperately so.





We have: Alexi, Andy and Adrian, talking to each other in the same room @.@
Josh and George are not spelled the same, but they do both start with "Jo" when said out loud.
Then we have a Sherry with her son Shane and her husband Sam.

Stir your soup a little, Mrs. Lee :/


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