Tempestuous by Morgan Hawke

Tempestuous - Morgan Hawke

Rusty, a cute read-head, is plagued by nightmares and odd happenings around him: he is unable to concentrate on his studies, he is always hungry no matter how much he eats, he sees dark things and shadows at the edge of his vision. His suddenly increased physical strength is frightening, he can't play sports, he can't lose temper, he can't have sex.

Being unable to confine in anyone, finally at the end of his wits, Rusty pours all of his fears and his frustration into creating a fox mask. He immediately feels better. He is finally able to study, he finishes a costume design courses and finds a job at a costume store.

===Possible SPOILERS===

One day, a very strange customer, Shiro, walks into the store and re-awakens Rusty's nightmares by intimidating and mocking him at every step, he  blames Rusty for things that sounds strange and weird: for hiding, for not submitting to Shiro on the spot, later - for almost killing Des, for ...whatever. It's all Rusty's fault. Shiro is mean about it, too, not just bordering, but going straight into abuse. More often than not, Rusty says "i am sorry".

Turns out, while in high school, Rusty saved Shiro's life and almost lost his own in the process. Shiro thanked him by saving his soul and turning Rusty into a fox spirit. That was the end of his gratitude. Shiro makes every attempt to belittle, abuse and humiliate Rusty, to force himself on the boy, while basically calling him an ungrateful little beatch.

Is this BDSM? No. This is abuse. Rusty never gave his consent to be treated the way Shiro treated him. He was not the one to blame for things he had no knowledge or control of, yet Shiro turns on him every time.

So, let me ask, where was Shiro when Rusty needed him the most? Where was he with his "love"? Why wasn't he supporting Rusty during his transition and explaining it to him, easing Rusty into passing into the world of spirits? The way I see it, unless there is a good explanation, this book is a one star material.

Oh, did I mention terrible editing and immature writing?

PS Tags explanation:

- DS, abuse:
there is definitely a DS, but mostly on the abusive side.

- Cinderfella:
Poor Rusty, who is a glorified seamstress, is now a consort of a powerful Fox spirit.

- Elemental:
Rusty can now control weather. Something else Shiro is pissed at him for, tho the poor chap has no frigging clue about his abilities.

- Non-dubcom:
Yeah, I understand that Rusty's dick is hard and interested. But his mouth keeps saying "no" for 5/6th of the book. To me, Shiro forcing himself onto Rusty is a non-con.


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