To the Highest Bidder: DNF-ing at 45%

To The Highest Bidder - Jordan Brewer

I wanted to read this book forever. I've been stalking it, waiting for a coupon or the price to go down (it was 8 bucks originally), but then it disappeared from pretty much everywhere, except for Amazon.


Finally, I got my hands on it (thanks, Monica!) :D And I was SO happy, for about first 5-7% of it :/

There are too many issues with this book, starting with the fact, that there is no fantasy element in it. None. It's plagued with inconsistencies and characters' irrational behavior, sheer stupidity and extremely convenient turn of events in MC's (or more like author's) favor pretty much every step of the way.

For example, out of 11 very capable men only one, ONE, went after an eighty year old man and his two guards, who took Jonathan prisoner.

(show spoiler)


And speaking of Jonathan. Poor Jonathan. On every single page of every single chapter. Poor Jonathan. This book is abuse/torture porn with no rhyme no reason, always careful of not harming MC's too much, lest they lose their prettiness. And here I hoped for Jonathan to finally sport a bad-ass eye-patch. False hopes, what can you do :/


The only person, who made any sense at all, in all his depravity, was King Philip. Kudos to the old perv.


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