To the Highest Bidder: I've read 20%.

To The Highest Bidder - Jordan Brewer

WoW! Crazy read! CRAZY!


None of the characters are consistent.


Queen Madonna (really? REALLY? ) 




She's all over the place, smiling genuinely at her son one moment and the next telling him he's nothing but a piece of property for his father to use and abuse.




King Galen. He is raising a son to give him away to the highest bidder, like the title suggests, yet at the same time he doesn't give crap about a bunch of brats beating the boy up and pushing him down a flight of stairs. What kind of money of favors is he going to fetch for a cripple? O.o




Jonathan. One minute a mighty warrior, the next - "do with me what you want!"





The language. There are paragraphs that border color purple in an attempt at old-fashion. And then there are paragraphs full of contemporary jargon, straight out of a sports bar.


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