Urban Shaman by Lyn Gala

Urban Shaman - Lyn Gala

Very well written, but the tags are misleading, even tho there is a mystery, there is a paranormal angle, there is military and flashbacks of combat and the bombing, there is also a romance, but just the beginning of it. All of these bits and pieces, even Nikolai, are in the book for Miguel and Miguel alone.

This book is a character study. It's all about Miguel and his spiritual and emotional healing and journey. At the end of the book Miguel evolves, which has a direct impact on his relationship with Nikolai. And that's where the book ends.

A huge minus for me was the use of Yiddish. Sure, there is a glossary in the end, but flipping pages back and forth is a nuisance. All the author needed to do was to tell us that Nikolai's speech is peppered with Yiddish proverbs and expressions. I honestly don't know a single person (a non English speaker) who would speak such a weird mixture of English and their native language. Saying something that no one understands is like talking to yourself. It defeats the purpose of a conversation where multiple people are involved, not to mention it's plain rude. A star off for that.


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