Reading progress update: I've read 70%. Darksoul by Lexi Ander

Darksoul - Lexi Ander

To be fair, the story became so entertaining around 70%, I could not put the book down.

The suspense alone!

I never wanted this story to end!



Sunder - an elf/cat-like alien, a drow, a Commander and Head of Royal Security. As of lately - Dah Heir and Dah Prince, with a bulls eye on his forehead for target shooting. His Mother, The Effing-one, wants him dead... like 30 years ago dead.

Gabe - his human boyfriend, a nurse at a local hospital and a tree hugger.

Ents - nee Trees, local earth vegetation

Sunder: Let's go for a stroll in a park. I want to show you Nature.

Gabe: Uh... Maybe not?

Sunder (famous last words): I promise, you'll be safe.

Gabe: Uh... OK

Sunder and Gabe (frolicking in the local park): Trees, they whisper to us!

Trees: Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah...

Sunder: Oh, a patch of Black Pollution in the dirt! I am going to suck it in and save the Trees!

Sunder *sucks*

Gabe: Oh, no! It's poisoning your soul! You're turning to the Dark Side!

Gabe: Uh... I am going to suck it off! ..out! Whatever.

Gabe *sucks and then pukes it out neatly into a plastic bag*

Trees: Oh, we forgot to tell you. Watch out for Black Pollution. It's poison! Effing-ones did it!

Effing-ones *jumping like fleas all over the place*: Di-i-i-e-e-e!

Sunder *fights back*: DIE, EFFIN-ONES, DIE!!!

Trees: CATFIGHT! CATFIGHT!!! Save the Hobbit!

Local authorities *sashaying nowhere close to the hot spot*: La-la-la-la!!

Meantime, in Australia Gabe, *snatched by Ents*: Uh, cool... birds-eye view!


*There is actually an episode, where "Ents march to war", complete with a local Hobbit, aka Gabe, riding the branches. Talking about LOTR back flashes!


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