Reading progress update: I've read 40%. Darksoul by Lex Ander

Darksoul - Lexi Ander

I should have known better after reading Alpha Trine (The Valespian Pact #1).


Overly descriptive, repetitious info dumps every 5-6 pages are driving me crazy. I am reading the book from the beginning, I know what the aliens look like. I know why they are at odds. I did NOT just jump in on page 27 or 35 or 42. 


I hear a lot about magic. It's in the descriptions. It's in the info dumps. It's that "strange feeling in the stomach", hangover much? BUT I have not seen it yet. 


The aliens with rosettes down and around their various body parts have followed us into this story from Alpha Trine. I am afraid to read on in case we come across some minor species, because there is no way around it - we will be given the full description with about 2-3 pages of backstory and politics. Again.


*frustrated* it is, I need to finish this for sci-fi/fantasy crossover challenge :/ Good thing the book is short.



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