Darker Space by Lisa Henry

Darker Space - Lisa Henry

Mind blowing ecstasy, that's what this book is!



If you love reading about darkness and despair,






violence and military prison abuse








MC's feeling helpless and angry, unable to change a single thing, their and their loved one's well being depending on a bunch of heartless military jerks who know no mercy or compassion,







if you love reading about Darth Vader turning Cinderella's Fairy Godmother on a white horse (or pink unicorn) and all the heroes riding into the sunrise on their beautiful stallions ..em ...spaceshuttles, then this story IS. FOR. YOU!




PS I am still playing with that half star. Not sure if predictability of Kai-ren being the Darth Vader of Brady universe is a good thing. And NO, it's NOT where Brady is his son:p


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