Chasing Mr. Wright (Fated Hearts #1) by Aimee Nicole Walker

Chasing Mr. Wright: Book 1 Of The Fated Hearts Series - Aimee Nicole Walker

There are plenty of reviews that convey my feelings on the major aspects and I am just going to point them out very quickly, so as not to waste your time:

- The story takes place in Glitterland, where everything and everyone is gay and beautiful and sparkly, and even the douchest of the douchbags farts glitter and poops cookie-dough.

- The sex. It goes on and on and on in small bouts and huge chunks. There is no escape from it, even when the MCs are pouting and trying to avoid each other. It simply continues on by moving into the imaginary dimensions of Glitterland in their minds.

- This book not only rained, it golden frigging showered and thunder-stormed all over my BI parade. Because it turned out, we, the BI people, ruin the families, corrupt the innocent and will bring down the society. Or some such twisted, perverted nonsense.

And my personal pet peeve:

- Gram. The one suffering from an acute case of graphomania and verbal diarrhea. To be honest, I stopped reading "Chasing Mr. Write" right after AN Walker cited a few paragraphs from her book. THAT was IT for me.


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