Fish and Ghosts

Fish and Ghosts - Rhys Ford

I don't like ghosts and this story was not for me.

However, most of my dislikes came from a clumsy writing and an even clumsier attempt to get the two MCs to fall in love. There was no proper romance and the ghost story was not very well thought through either. Minor characters were annoying and none of them had any business to be ghost hunters, including Wolf's Mother, "The Expert".


Tristan's uncle hires a group of very immature, uneducated on the subject, ghost hunters to prove Tristan to be a basket case. Why? Because Tristan claims to see ghosts and because he inherited a huge estate from his great-great uncle bypassing a few legitimate heirs, i.e. the aforementioned uncle + wife.

The ghost hunters wreak havoc and mayhem with their careless attitude, incompetence and complete lack of common sense. They are too busy perusing their sexual desires, going where their cock points, throwing fits of anger and jealousy whenever they please. As a result Wolf (kudos for him) lands himself a "long-legged blond" (sirissly??? the man has a name!). Matt and his girlfriend, on the other hand, unleash a bat shit crazy ghost of Matt's grandmother, nearly killing poor Tristan and almost destroying his home. All of that over nothing, because the solution is too simple for anyone who has ever heard of


(show spoiler)

 or plain old logic.

The last pages of the book, the epic battle with the ghost, was sad and pitiful and too dragged out. And this was all I could think of

Still, there were funny bits. Tristan is adorable, even being a total doormat despite his sharp tongue.


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