Book Blues...


Vintage books in blue


Vintage Books in Blue - Book Cases and Reading Spaces:


Monastery Library in Admont, Austria


Austria, Monastery Library in Admont.:


From House Beautiful


This Incredible Townhouse From House Beautiful Is What Dreams Are Made Of (PHOTOS):




Love the drama in this living room!  The lighting on each #customframed piece really makes them stand out.  Very cool!:




Hip: The apartment also has office space for those who work from home or need some alone time from their roommates:


Conan Doyle, of course


The Memoirs and the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes  ... Sir Arthur Conan Doyle    1892 (both are  First editions):


...and a cup of tea :)


I like this picture for vague and undefined reasons. Maybe it's because I own that mug and a plurality of those books. Can you even use "plurality" in this situation? Whatever. I just did. Anyway. I like it.----:


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